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China successfully developed high-strength titanium alloy, which has been used to manufacture new fighters

Date : 2020/04/26

Zhu Zhishou, born in 1966, Doctor of Engineering, researcher and doctoral supervisor of AVIC Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials. He broke the past blindly imitating the "Russian" or "American" titanium alloys for aviation aircraft structures, led the scientific research team, and independently created an aviation titanium alloy material system with Chinese characteristics.

This new J-20 aircraft, numbered 2011, is called "Galaxy Battleship" by military fans on Weibo. It uses a gray air superior paint similar to the F-22 fighter, which is said to be a new type of stealth Paint has been applied to J-20 fighters. According to sources at the scene, the new version of the J-20 has been tested on multiple engines or is about to make its first flight. (Acknowledgement Strategy Network)

Because of the important contributions made in the field of aviation titanium alloy materials and application research. Since engaged in basic research and applied research work on titanium alloys for aviation in 1991, Zhu Zhishou has presided over the completion of 11 national key scientific and technological projects and 3 model technical research projects. Currently, 5 national technical research projects are currently being hosted; He won 1 second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2012, as well as 1st prize of National Defense Science and Technology Progress Award and 1st and 2nd prize of AVIC Science and Technology Achievement Award; published more than 80 research papers as the first author, 2 monographs, 5 authorized national invention patents; won 2 first-class merits, 1 second-class merit for individual pre-researched national defense, and 1 first-class merit for the first flight of a key model verification machine. He has been awarded the "Aviation News Service Outstanding Contribution Award", "Aviation Industry Top Ten Figures" and other honors. In 2013, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council awarded the honorary title of "Model Worker of Central Enterprise"; was selected as the "National Ten Million Talent Project" and was awarded the title of "Middle-aged and Young Experts with Outstanding Contributions".

Every technological advancement of the new aerospace titanium alloy materials combines the blood of the research team's courage to innovate, condenses the wisdom of research, flows the lonely sweat, and soaks the feeling of dedication, which is what Zhu Zhishou is carrying forward Specific portrayal of the spirit of excellent party members. The scientific research team led by him has realized that China's key titanium alloy backbone materials are based on domestic independent guarantees, and has established China's low strength and high toughness, medium strength and high toughness damage tolerance, high strength and high toughness damage tolerance, ultra-high strength and ultra-high strength Titanium alloy materials and application technologies for aircraft structures have made important contributions in the serial development and construction of an aviation titanium alloy material system with Chinese characteristics.


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