The classic case

Vessel Name“Cross Strait Ferry”




 “CROSS STRAIT FERRY”is double hulls wave piercing ship, the total cost is 48 million RMB, maximum speed is 52 knots, it was new type of high speed double hulls,water jet propulsion ship and all built with aluminum alloy materials.It was  built with China’s own research,design and construction. And China has the independent patent.


The old “Cross Strait Ferry” was in service in September 1993, was specifically responsible for cross-strait two-way repatriation operation tasks. Within 10 years, the old “Cross Strait Ferry”completed cross-strait two-way repatriation operation tasks nearly 200 times.Because the old “Cross Strait Ferry” had the issues of small displacement, poor anti-wave capacity, small and crowded cabin, long serving time and high failure rate of main equipment, the relevant department decided to build a new “Cross Strait Ferry”.


Beijing Alumip Developing Co.,Ltd helped to supply the materials including aluminum alloy sheets, transition joints, pipes and profiles to build this boat in 2005.The new “Cross Strait Ferry”double hulls wave piercing ship was completed and set out on July 13 2005, after couples of months adjusting and trail sailing, it was delivered to service finally. On May 23 2006, the new “Cross Strait Ferry”sailed successfully in Fuzhou Tingjiang pier.The boat sailed through Taiwan Strait at the first time on October 21 2011, trail sailing to Keelung port. The trial voyage distance is 244 miles, during the trial voyage, the boat and equipment ran well in accordance with technical specification, the trial voyage completed successfully.


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