The successful case

Vessel name“North Sea Salvage 201, quick salvage ship”





The vessel“North Sea Salvage 201” was invested by Ministry of Transport in year 2006. It was newly built wave piercing fast-speed salvage vessel with all aluminum double-hull catamaran shell, focusing on salvage tasks in Shidao sea area. 


The vessel was built started in November 2005, the aluminum alloy sheets, steel/transition joints, pipes and profiles were supplied by Beijing Alumip Developing Co.,Ltd. The vessel is 49.9m long, 13.1m wide, 4.5m deep,552t weigh, full loaded draft is 1.8m. It can rescue at most 200 persons at one time, the main engine power is 4480KW, double water jet propulsion, maximum running speed is 32.5knots, and is well known as “salvage light cavalry”. 


“North Sea salvage 201” is equipped with various high performance rescue equipment like rescue network, rescue basket, life jacket and night vision instrument etc. It has night search and rescue capability, it can safely navigate under sea condition of level 6, it can rescue mishap people rapidly and  effectively under sea condition level 5.Since putting into use, the vessel has attended 35 salvages, rescued 37 ships, rescued and transported 125 persons. Under the leading of North Sea Salvage Bureau, “North Sea salvage 201”protects maritime people’s life and security with military management, professional salvage equipment and technology.


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