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Our company joined China Association for Science and Technology successfully

On Oct 31 2014,Beijing Alumip Developing Co.,Ltd smoothly passed Beijing Hi-Tech enterprise identification,obtained the “Hi-Tech enterprise ”certificate which was jointly identified and issued by Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission、Beijing Finance Bureau、Beijing National Taxation Bureau、Beijing Local Taxation Bureau.The expiration period is three years.


This time the achievement affirmation in terms of the creation of intellectual property rightpromotion of scientific and technological result,our company decides to continue to build up and complete the quality system according to the guideline of “quality + speed + service = value”,in order to enhance the overall competitiveness,our company spends a lot on new product R&D and employ education training to enhance company R&D capabilities.  


From now on our company will continue to adhere to quality system and corporate managing philosophy, continue to take advantage of and play a leading role as a high-tech enterprise, continue to increase research investment,continue to enhance technology creation level to make more perfect products for customer.

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