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Our company successfully join Science and Technology Association


Beijing Alumip Developing Co.,Ltd approved by Beijing Science and Technology Association (hereinafter referred to as Beijing CAST),established the Science and Technology Association (hereinafter referred to as Alumip CAST )on Oct 24 2014.


Alumip CAST is the grassroots organization of Beijing CAST, admits Beijing CAST regulation, implements the National and Beijing CAST work guideline,carries on the concept of“respect for knowledgerespect for talent”,advocates the spirit of “dedicationinnovationpragmatismcooperation”,complies with state laws and related regulations,adheres to the principles of independencedemocracy,and the guideline of “ letting a hundred flowers blossom”.


Alumip CAST adheres to the important thought of Marxism-LeninismMao Zedong ThoughtDeng Xiaoping Theory and “Three Represents”as guidance,comprehensively implements the scientific concept of development,unites and mobilizes technology workers to work around the center of enterprise,promotes enterprise science and technology prosperity and development,promotes the popularization and promotion of science and technology to accelerate the growth of scientific and technological personnel,contributes to the close combination of technology and economy,reflects the views of science and technology workers. To safeguards the legitimate rights and interests of science and technology workers.To serve the economic and social development of enterprise,to improve the public scientific quality,to serve the scientists, to build an innovation-oriented enterprise,to maintain social harmony and stability of the party.

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