The successful case

xxx craft was exported to xxx country (confidential)




xxx craft was exported to xxx country, the craft utilized hybrid structure welded with imported steel/aluminum transition joints @TRICLAD, craft hull is made of steel, seven pieces of wide stiffened panels produced by Alumip were used in the superstructure. Moreover, the aluminum alloy sheets, transition joints, pipes and profiles are supplied by Beijing Alumip Developing Co.,Ltd.


Craft Overview:

1.  Main dimension: Overall Length 56.21m,width11.00m,depth 5.20m, designed draft 3.40m, designed displacement 1354t.

2.  Engines: Two engines; Max continuous power 810KW;Rated speed 750rpm;Two propellers(fixed pitch propellers).

3.  Speed: 12knots

4.  Endurance and self sustainability: Endurance is not less than 2500miles, self sustainability is not less than 15days.

5.   Loading capacity: when the designed draft is 3.40m, the displacement is 1354T, loading capacity is 674T. The craft can take 12 passengers(Reclining seats), and 180 fifth class passengers.

6.   Crew : 25 persons


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