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Vessel name“Beidiao990(East Far 01)”





Beidiao990(East Far 01) is aluminum alloy double hulls wave piercing testing boat, designed by CSIC 701 Research Institute, built by  Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Group Co.,Ltd.All the shipbuilding materials were supplied by Beijing Alumip Developing Co.,Ltd including aluminum alloy sheets, stiffened panels, transition joints and profiles. The ship was built and set out on June 1 2009, it was the largest aluminum alloy wave piercing working boat with China own patent.


“Beidiao990(East Far 01)” is double hulls wave piercing testing boat,it was built with high designing technology, and difficult to build. This double hulls boat is the largest double hulls wave piercing boat with China’s own research, own design and own building. The boat is in deep V mold, the overall length is 60m, the width is 18m, the depth is 5.9m, the intermediate vacancy is 11m. The huge span with all aluminum alloy materials was the first time in high performance ship designing.The seven degree dead rise angle design greatly improved the sea keeping capability. The maximum sailing speed can achieve 38knots(70KM per hour). It can be widely used in water transportation, traffic operations, ocean monitoring, safety and rescue, anti-smuggling tasks etc.

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