The classic case

Vessel name“QinzhouⅡ”type of full transparent three hydrofoils cruise ship





“Qinzhou Ⅱ”type of full transparent three hydrofoils cruise ship was built by Yuanzhou(Beijing) High Speed Craft Developing Co.,Ltd and Wuxi Red Flag shipyard under the assistance from Beijing Alumip Developing Co.,Ltd in 2006. It was delivered into service in 2007.  


The traditional fold hydrofoil ship used two hydrofoils(double-hydrofoil system) at the front and back to support the weight of the ship, but the three-hydrofoil ship uses three hydrofoils to support the ship at the front, middle and back sides. Compared to double-hydrofoil ship, under the same condition, three-hydrofoil ship can withstand smaller longitudinal disturbing torque, be lighter and with better stability and sea keeping capability.


“Qinzhou Ⅱ”type of tourist boat is about 32.85m long, 8.1m wide(including the hydrofoil protection frame), the hull is 5m wide and 2m deep, the maximum draft is 2.3m in floating navigation, and 1.48m in hydrofoil navigation, the power comes from two diesel engines, and the hydrofoil navigation speed is 72km per hour, floating navigation speed is 12km per hour. The shipbuilding materials including aluminum alloy sheet, transition joints, pipes and profiles were supplied by Beijing Alumip Developing Co.,Ltd.


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