The successful case

Vessel Name: “Huaou”




 All the aluminum alloy sheets, transition joints, pipes and profiles used in boat“Huaou” were supplied by Beijing Alumip Developing Co.,Ltd. The boat was built with aluminum and steel hybrid structure, the hull was made of steel, the superstructure was made of aluminum alloy,it has single bottom,single deck,diesel propulsion, double engines, double propellers, double rudders, it is transition type of boat with round bilge short angle line design . The overall length is 41.80m, width is 6.6m, depth is 3.3m, trial sailing speed is 16knots, endurance capability can achieve to 800miles. The boat inner decoration utilized high grade and first class materials, it is luxury tourist boat.


On May 23 2006 news( Reporter Zhibo Li): The first partner of the Romantic Sea Wedding. The reporter learned from the organizing committee of Romantic Sea Wedding that the first glass curtain wall tourist boat Huaou officially signed agreements with the organizing committee today, Huaou will carry new couples to attend offshore activities during the wedding ceremony. 


It was reported that the large group romantic sea wedding ceremony hosted by our newspaper will be held on July 7th, there will be 100 new couples attend the wedding, 4 passenger boats and more than 10 escort boats will be expected to appear in the front line sea.




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