2008 technical seminar




2008 Thematic Technical Seminar: Structural Transition Joints and Stiffened Panels in shipbuilding applications




        Conference Time: April 16th, 2008

        Conference Location: Shanghai West Asia Hotel

        Conference Type: Thematic Technical Seminar

        Conference Subject: Structural transition joints and stiffened panels in shipbuilding applications


        Participants: Beijing Alumip Developing Co.,Ltd.: General Manager Haitao Wu, Executive Deputy General Manager Jerry Zhang, Senior Technical Consultant Professor Chengquan Wang, Senior Technical Consultant Professor Hongyi Wang, Import Department Jing Chen, Sales Manager of Merrem&La Porte B.V.Company Job;China Ship Research and Design Center; Chang Jiang Ship Design Institute; Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Group Co.,Ltd.CSIC; China Shipbuilding & Offshore International Co.,Ltd  708 Research Institute;China Shipbuilding & Offshore International Co.,Ltd 701 Research Institute Shanghai Branch; China Shipbuilding & Offshore International Co.,Ltd 702 Research Institute.


        Number of Participants: About Thirty Persons

        Conference results: In the early 90’s of 20th century, stiffened panel in aluminum alloy 6000 series had been widely used in European shipbuilding industry and offshore facility, superstructure and the part directly connecting with seawater was employed with 6000 series aluminum alloy. Through this conference, Chinese and foreign ships experts, technicians made wide and deep communication concerning the technical issues,achieved fruitful conference result, played a positive role in applying and promoting FSW aluminum alloy stiffened panels in China shipbuilding industry. In the conference, foreign expert made a detailed introduction on the production procedure and physical properties of the structural transition joints, and answered the questions from domestic design experts, which made design institute have new understanding on the transition joints welding, that made perfect combination of transition joints and stiffened panels in shipbuilding application.



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